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Serving Time (feat. Ellsie)

Frid - Serving Time EP

First review on the site and it’s a good one. Frid got at me on Twatter a little while back to tell me about his upcoming EP and I jumped at the chance to be the first to do a published review.
This is a very together piece of work, almost a concept EP with a deeply introspective feel to it. Frids lyrics detail the life he’s led and the feelings, emotions and experiences that have made him the person he is today.

We kick off with a clever disclaimer style intro, warning those that are easily offended to turn off right now. Straight after this we hit the military style rolling beats of Set It Off where Frid warns us that “Playtime’s over forever”. 

Track three (Learning the Trade) see’s us taken through what made Frid the Hip Hop head that he is and he has a message for all these so-called hardworking MC’s.
Confirming his underground mindset and his views on the Hip Pop bull that’s filling up the scene at the moment.

On the fourth track (How I Feel), we’re treated to some truly superb vocal back-up in the form of Mary Jayne. Her velvety rendition of a Nina Simone classic compliments Frids mic work extremely well. Lyrically this is a blistering defence of Frids family and the values that make up who he is, again bearing his soul to the listener.

The fifth track on the EP (Inside Rhymes) has an almost early Eminem feel to it, twisted bars detailing the darker side of the MC’s personality also showcasing his wordplay and technical writing skills.

Again on track six we’re hit with another superb female vocal, this time from Afrika Fuentes, it’s obvious that Frid has pulled in the extra vocal talent that fits best with his style and delivery.
On this track he appeals to the sense of loneliness that we all feel, despite the emotional walls that we put up against the world. This harks back to the introspective feel of the whole EP and show’s a softer side to his personality than we’ve experienced so far.

Moving on to track eight (Dear Daddy), my personal favourite off the EP. Frid was the child of a single parent from the age of 2 and for anyone, like myself, who also experienced it, this is a track that’ll hit home hard. Beautifully crafted lyrics accompanied again by some superb backing vocals from Afrika Fuentes that really tug at the heart strings of the listener.

To round thing’s off we have the title piece Serving Time, a tale of Frids real life; working 9-5 to get a wage whilst chasing his dreams. A great Piano hook with another tidy vocal - this time from Ellsie - serves as the bed for Frids lyrics and I’d nominate this as the lead single from the EP.

Overall, this is a highly accomplished and polished piece of work from an artist whose music I’ve grown to love from repeated listening of the EP.

I’d highly recommend this to all you heads out there as quite an essential purchase. If you’re after conscious reality in your MC’s rather than Bling & Bullshit then you need to get this in your collection ASAP.

5 out of 5

To pick up the EP, head on over to Wenlock Music’s site

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